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Soprano Fairouz Oudjida grew up in the desert of Algeria. Nicknamed "The Diva of the Desert" by her audience, she is known for her exceptional voice, as powerful as it is touching. Inspired by the cultures of the East and West, her musical realm has a fascinating richness with mystical accents.

Proud of her heritage, this universal performer has distinguished herself with her adaptations and powerful tribute to the traditional songs of Algeria, the Maghreb and Arab terroirs. She is also renowned for her interpretations of both classical and contemporary works. Listening to Fairouz Oudjida or seeing her perform is like setting out on a magical musical journey. 

In June 2021, Fairouz released “La diva du désert”. An exceptional first album of which she is quite proud, it has been greeted with considerable enthusiasm by her fans.  

A moving performance of the highest calibre. A captivating and moving concert whose beauty and sincerity bring tears to your eyes.

Arsène Cormier, Acadie Nouvelle, May 14, 2019

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          نجمة الصحراء
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