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Dominic Boulianne

+1 514 583-0860

+1 438 876-0933


“La diva du désert” is the product of several years of tireless work. The songs on this album exude deep emotion conveyed by the bewitching voice of the soprano who demonstrates the full range of her talent. The arrangements are the work of the highly talented Dominic Boulianne, who also composed the music of the title selection. The musicians also made an outstanding contribution to this work, resulting in an album that can only be described as sublime!   

Copies of “La diva du désert” on CD are available at $20 each through the PayPal Canada website or by Interac transfer to the following address:


Provide your mailing address or that of persons to whom you are offering the album and we will ship the CDs at no additional charge.   

A huge thank you...and enjoy!

Sara Nacer

+1 514 999-8897

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